Amrita and Michael

This one was our busiest and biggest wedding of the year, busy is always good, it was go go go from the start and was super fun. We started with Michael, the boys and his parents in North Sydney, then raced up to Pymble to Amrita, the girls and parents, followed by the ceremony which was held at Cardinal Cerretti Chapel in Manly. After spending some time around the chapel we headed to Sergeants Mess and had a brief wander to Chowder Bay prior to entering the reception. Throughout the day we were able to capture some stunning photographs. Enjoy the below selected images.

Amrita and Michael-0022
Amrita and Michael-0094
Amrita and Michael-0174
Amrita and Michael-0268
Amrita and Michael-0329
Amrita and Michael-0513
Amrita and Michael-0661
Amrita and Michael-0989
Amrita and Michael-1007
Amrita and Michael-1094
Amrita and Michael-1140
Amrita and Michael-1239
Amrita and Michael-1280
Amrita and Michael-1347
Amrita and Michael-1644
Amrita and Michael-1814
Amrita and Michael-1856