Amelia and Trevor

Being asked to photograph Amelia and Trevorís wedding was very cool. I was so honored and at the same time super nervous about it. Iím nervous photographing any ones wedding but when itís a very close friend itís just worse! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the day guys, it was very special for me!

As per usual the nerves disappeared as soon as we started and we captured some beautiful images. The plan was to simply have a good time and keep it relaxed which is exactly how it was. The photos tell a great story.

A&T 002
A&T 003
A&T 004
A&T 005
A&T 006
A&T 007
A&T 008
A&T 009
A&T 010
A&T 011
A&T 012
A&T 014
A&T 013
A&T 015
A&T 016
A&T 018