For years I photographed everything accept weddings!

I just wanted to capture the moment for what is was rather than create them, my candid approach simply didn’t work for wedding photography - so I thought!

Capturing the massive smile on a child’s face riding a bike or flying like a bird whilst swinging high in the park, the joy of running under a sprinkler, the wonderfully small hand holding dads large hand wandering down a bush lane. Big beautiful baby eyes staring straight down the lens, instilling the amazing light generated by nature and her stunning landscapes, capturing the powerful expressions that come whilst photographing live theatre, hitting the shutter whilst a dancer is in mid air... for me this is capturing the moment for real.

So when I asked the big question ‘will you marry me’ one of the many thoughts that crossed my mind was how am I going to find someone to capture our day the way we are? We didn’t want to deal with the usual horror stories that we all hear about wedding photographers, we didn’t want posed in your face photography, we didn’t want to deal with confusing pricing and packages. We wanted to enjoy our day with family and friends uninhibited but still have it captured perfectly.

For a few years prior to this I had often thought about how my photography style could relate to weddings, and for reasons unknown to me as soon as I was heading down the path of potentially arranging a wedding it sprang to mind - fun creative photography capturing everything - ‘two photographers’. One photographer to do the up front shooting and me, to do all the candid behind the scenes photos that the bride and groom tend to miss out on. I pretty much came to the realisation that photographing a wedding is simply the same as a photographing a theatrical production, the story unfolds naturally but it is really real!

Relaxed and unobtrusive photography yet we must capture everything, bride, groom, family, friends, tears, laughter, fun and joy as well the details, flowers, rings, dress, cakes, table decorations, everything that you spent countless hours preparing and arranging to ensure the day is perfect for you. Those hours spent creating the perfect wedding should last a lot longer than a day, I decided that my wedding photography should simply add to and deepen the memories of your wedding day.

The theory was tested on my very own wedding. I enlisted my great mate Gordon, who had a few hundred weddings under his belt, explained the plan and the rest is history. We are still great mates and still have super fun capturing the moments that matter. We love our job!

Gordon and I like to think we are pretty cool! and fun photographers and we know that people are comfortable whilst with us. Minimal setup and equipment is required, we wont be running around with reflectors and large flash stands, we simply utilise the surrounding areas with the existing natural light to capture the unfolding story that is your wedding day. Dont be surprised when you see us get all excited about beautiful light, bald landscapes, stunning beaches, big tree’s, timber walls... pretty much anything that is cool to photograph... we love to put people into these moments to create beautifully images.

I’ve had many people and other photographers say ‘all wedding are the same’... this is simply not right, sure they have the same set of rules and specific events must take place, we certainly know how it works, but each wedding is unique and totally different from the last. Every bride and groom add something new, letting this happen is our skill and this enables us to capture the personalities that brought you to your wedding day.

Since embarking on this adventure, 11 years ago and countless weddings later, the one thing I have worked out is that both Gordon and I are very good at what we do. We love our job and push ourselves continually, we know that with every completed wedding we are even better than the last!

To me there is nothing more rewarding :)

By the way... with tears welling up and questions like, are you serious... Lucie did say YES. 12 years later + 2 kids and a dog, life is close on perfect. My wife and I had an amazing experience with our wedding and I want your wedding to be just as mine was! Even after 12 yea